The Millionaire Grind Experience - (Artist Edition)

The Millionaire Grind Experience - (Artist Edition)

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Millionaire Grind has internally produced its own media content since the birth of the company in 2012 and is now offering video production services in Memphis, TN. The Millionaire Grind Experience was introduced as a resource to independent artists providing access to professional media production while building their exposure. A Millionaire Grind representative will reach out to you within 24 hours after your order as been placed to get addition details for your video booking. 

- This episode allows an artist to showcase what they can do live on camera

- The artist must rap on a classic instrumental released in the 2000 or before 

- Up to 3 artists per session allowed 

- All videos are filmed in 1080HD (4K Optional)

- Allow 15 business days for video editing

- FINANCING OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE, check out with #Viabill or #Sezzle. 


Millionaire Grind - Bar Roulette



Millionaire Grind - The Verse


Millionaire Grind - Un Plugged 

- Includes  an intimate 1 room concert 

- 1 song performance with live instrumentation / 1 professionally produced videos & Audio


Millionaire Grind - 30 Second Commercial