Website Design

Website Design

Regular price $2,999

Tier 1 Includes:

  • 1 on 1 consultation about your brand/business to determine exactly what you want from your website, what you need it to do and who you're trying to reach with it
  • Custom Domain Name (i.e.
  • Custom Email Address (i.e.
  • 30 Gb of online storage (perfect for storing your logos, designs, marketing materials, tax paperwork, graphics, photography and videography for your business and/or brand)
  • Fully Responsive (automatically resizes to all devices: iPhone and Android, tablets & computers, etc.) Site Creation and Design to match your existing branding
  • 1 year of website hosting
  • 1 year of custom domain registration with privacy protection
  • 1 year of custom email
  • 1 year of online storage (30gb)
  • Personalized Training on how to manage your site and custom email, change photos and background, add text or video, create new blogs, create a portfolio, move elements, etc.

Tier 1 is NOT intended for:

  • eCommerce brands or businesses
  • Selling products or services, accepting donations or inventory management and point of sale integration.

Tier 1 is PERFECT for:

  • Non interactive blog sites
  • Portfolios to showcase your work
  • Non Profits to explain what they do
  • Becoming "searchable" on Google
  • Advertising and/or Promoting
  • Just Getting Started

*Tier 1 can be upgraded to Tier 2 at any time.

Tier 2 Includes:

  • Everything from Tier 1, plus
  • Ability to sell unlimited products and services, receive donations and sell in person (POS) with no additional transaction fees (*credit card processing fees still apply)
  • 1 on 1 training for inventory management, payment processing and adding products (initial setup for up to 5 products is included)
  • eCommerce payment gateway setup

Tier 2 is NOT intended for:

  • Advanced inventory (multiple variations of the same product) or high volume inventory/sales management
  • Physical retail stores needing advanced POS (point of sale / cash register) management
  • Social media (Facebook and Instagram) sales and integration

Tier 2 is PERFECT for:

  • Solo entrepreneurs or small non profits needing to sell basic goods and services, accept donations and have a strong web presence
  • Businesses & brands needing to get started with eCommerce and online sales
  • Trainers, consultants, speakers, etc. who need to showcase what they do, quickly sell merchandise or products and manage their business more easily

*Tier 2 sites can be upgraded (Tier 2 Premium Add On) to support selling subscription based goods and services, gift card management, and advanced client scheduling and multi-calendar syncing.

*Tier 2 sites have limited social media and retail POS integration and cannot be upgraded to Tier 3 (website rebuild required).

Tier 3 Includes:

  • Everything from Tier 2, plus
  • Inventory setup for up to 15 products (including variations)
  • Social media product integration (Facebook and Instagram)
  • 1 on 1 training for social media integration and management
  • 1 on 1 training on product marketing, discounting and analytics
  • 1 on 1 training for product shipping and handling
  • Ability to sell inventory directly on Amazon (training not included)
  • Site-wide SEO Optimization (search engine optimization)

Tier 3 is NOT intended for:

  • Blogging and community forums / conversation
  • Retail POS (point of sale) applications
  • Simple product sales

Tier 3 is PERFECT for:

  • Growing eCommerce needs
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Customer management and marketing
  • Serious brands that intend to do high volume business
  • Those who need an infrastructure (website) that can easily grow, expand and add on features as needed (additional charges apply)

*Tier 3 sites can be upgraded (Tier 3 Premium Add On) to support selling subscription based goods and services, wholesale site locking, advanced POS and cash register management for retail locations, gift card management, advanced client scheduling and multi-calendar syncing.

Tier 4 Includes:

  • Everything from Tier 3 (including Premium Add On's), plus
  • 1 Complete POS system (iPad, Stand, Chip and Tap Reader, Cash Drawer, Shipping Label Printer, Weight Scale & Receipt Printer)
  • 100 Custom Designed, Physical Gift Cards
  • Workflow and in store staff management training (both online and retail) for up to 5 employees

*Yearly renewal of all website tiers are variable based on the individual website. Base renewal prices for each tier are as follows: Tier 1 ($500), Tier 2 ($750), Tier 3 ($1000), Tier 4 ($2000).